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Dude, where’s my car?
MONTREAL | September 23rd, 2014
Dude, where’s my car?
There are a few milestones that are unforgettable for any Canadian kid: your first day of school, your first kiss, your first time on skates and of course, getting your first car. Showing off in the new ride can lead to hours of harmless fun – as long as you don’t forget to lock it when you’re done.  

That’s a lesson Habs rookie Mario Tremblay had to learn the hard way in 1974-75 when he started showing up to practice in his shiny set of wheels. The 18-year-old forward loved nothing more than speeding up to the Montreal Forum and parking his brand-new toy in the exact same spot every morning. That was his first mistake.

Looking to prove to head coach Scotty Bowman that he deserved a spot in a lineup that included the likes of Guy Lafleur, Jacques Lemaire and Yvan Cournoyer, the eager young winger was always willing to put in a little overtime on the ice when practice was over. 

“The other guys would get off earlier but all of the rookies used to stay out longer to get more ice time,” explained Tremblay, who was totally oblivious to what the wily veterans were cooking up in the dressing room without him. “A week after I bought my brand-new car, they found the keys in my pocket and took them while I was still on the ice.”

When he strolled over to his usual spot to find his car – and the registration documents that were inside – missing, Tremblay sprung into action to declare the car stolen. He wasted no time calling the dealership in Lac-Saint-Jean to get copies of the serial number and license plate before pouring himself over a mountain of paperwork for the next two days to try to get his car back.

“The guys started to see how crazy I was getting about losing my car. At first, they thought the whole thing was hilarious,” recalled Tremblay with a smile. “But with all the annoying stuff I had to go through to process the police report and everything, they decided to throw me a bone and send me an anonymous message.”  

The little birdie informed Tremblay that his ride hadn’t been stolen afterall – just temporarily “misplaced”. Eventually, the stressed out rookie found the car parked safely in the Alexis Nihon plaza lot just down the street. Though he’ll never know for sure, Tremblay has an idea of which of his teammates was the mastermind behind the caper.

“For sure it was Guy Lapointe,” chuckled Tremblay of the notorious prankster. “Who else could it have been?”

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