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Montreal’s Merry Prankster
MONTREAL | June 13th, 2010
Montreal’s Merry Prankster
Who doesn’t remember Guy Lapointe’s trademark rushes up the ice or his cannonading drives from the blue line? In the Canadiens dressing room he’s remembered as the author and architect of some of the most outrageous practical jokes in team history.

By Lapointe’s own admission, the meticulously-planned and executed prank he pulled on Ken Dryden was his greatest success. You be the judge.

Well aware that Dryden had a weakness for ice cream, Lapointe chose a pre-game meal to put his plan into operation. The team meal usually ended with fruit cups or ice cream, served in pre-packaged single-portion servings.

Letting the other Habs in on the scheme before they arrived, Lapointe fixed things with the serving staff so that, while there were an abundance of fruit cups available, there was but a single sundae. He surreptitiously emptied the ice cream from the plastic cup, replaced it with sour cream and covered it with chocolate sauce before carefully putting the cardboard cover back on, leaving no visible sign of his handiwork.

When dessert time came, a straight-faced Lapointe spoke up. “I’m not hungry anymore,” he said. “Does anyone want my ice cream?”

His fellow diners, all but the goaltender in the know, passed on his offer. “I’ll take it if nobody else wants it,” said Dryden as his teammates struggled mightily to avoid bursting into premature laughter.

With his attention focused on his treat, Dryden failed to notice that all eyes were glued on him as he opened the container, scooped out the first spoonful and brought it to his mouth.

“What the...?!!” exclaimed the lawyer and future MP, who spat out his “ice cream” and, in language much more direct and frank than he is permitted to use in the House of Commons, elaborated about the character and ancestry of the suspected perpetrator while his teammates howled with laughter.

That evening’s culprit, accomplices and victim all shared a last laugh that night as they left the rink the victors.

The moral of this story is a simple one – Everything is much funnier when you’re winning.

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