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Pimp my Ride
MONTREAL | April 3rd, 2012
Pimp my Ride
Realizing the life-long dream of winning the Stanley Cup and hoisting hockey’s greatest prize marks a career highlight for any player lucky enough to do so. Brian Bellows figured he’d help one teammate celebrate that achievement in memorable fashion in 1993.

You never forget the feeling of winning a championship, but after helping the Habs win a 24th Stanley Cup in 1993, Paul DiPietro wanted to ensure he had some special souvenirs to make his recollections of that moment last forever. Always ready to help out a teammate, Bellows and fellow prankster Mike Keane gave the third-year forward a celebration to remember.

“I was sitting in my car with Keaner close to the Forum and we noticed Pauly had parked his car just outside the boutique,” recalled Bellows, who had just finished his rookie season with the Habs that spring. “For some reason, he left his car running when he went into the store to pick up some souvenirs from the Cup Final.”

Never one to miss a golden opportunity, Keane slipped out of Bellows’ car and swiftly made his way into DiPietro’s driver’s seat. Too busy sorting through commemorative memorabilia to notice, DiPietro was none the wiser as his assistant captain took off around the block.

“As soon as Pauly left the store, Mike came walking back to the scene of the crime and acted like nothing had happened,” recalled Bellows with a laugh. “I was just there watching the whole thing unfold from my car.

“He realized pretty fast that his car wasn’t where he had left it. Paul was running around up and down Sainte-Catherine street looking for it,” added Bellows, who notched 15 points that postseason. “He was convinced he was going to catch up to the ‘perp’ who had stolen his car.”

Despite his best efforts, the Sault-Ste-Marie, ON, native knew that finding his stolen ride in downtown Montreal would be like finding a needle in a haystack. While Bellows and Keane enjoyed seeing their teammate sweat, they couldn’t keep their carjacking a secret for very long.

“I literally exploded with laughter watching Pauly run around looking for his car. I couldn’t hold it in,” recounted Bellows, still chuckling about the incident 18 years later. “Even Mike finally cracked. He was there the whole time watching him freak out and a few minutes later, he finally tossed Pauly the keys and told him where the car was. I’m guessing DiPietro started locking his doors after that!”