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Sticking with it
MONTREAL | January 27th, 2014
Sticking with it
As one of the leading scorers in NHL history, there wasn’t much Doug Gilmour couldn’t do with a hockey stick over his 22-year career. But to hear former Habs teammate Karl Dykhuis tell it, “Killer’s” prowess with an Easton wasn’t limited to on-ice pursuits.

“Doug would always be the first guy at the rink, so whenever you arrived, he’d have already been there for at least a half hour,” recalled Dykhuis, who played with Gilmour from 2001 to 2003 in Montreal. “One morning he had a gag he pulled on all of the younger guys.

“He used one of those old two-piece Easton sticks specialized to his pattern. He went up to the first guy in the room and just said, ‘Hey, I think my stick is crooked – can you check it out?’” recounted the 13-year NHL veteran. “This was Doug Gilmour – he’s the leader of the team – so of course we’re all jumping to help him out.”

What the then-Habs blue-liner didn’t know was that Gilmour had already spent plenty of his pre-practice time tinkering with his customized stick.

“I wanted to be helpful so I grabbed it and checked it out, but he told me I could only really see it if I tilted it up toward the light,” explained Dykhuis. “I didn’t even question it; if Doug tells me to do something, I’m doing it. So I tilt it up... and the stick is full of water! It just poured all over me, so I was soaking wet.”

Never one to rest on his laurels, Gilmour wasn’t about to stop at drenching just one gullible teammate. Once he had tricked his victim, the sneaky veteran would head to the shower, refill the shaft, and patiently wait for his next target to surface.

“He’d get guys one by one before they even made it into the dressing room, so they were in full suits,” added the now 38-year-old. “And you’re definitely not going to warn them because once you get wet, you want to make sure it happens to as many other guys as possible!

“Dougie didn’t pull pranks all that often so you didn’t expect it, but he was a really funny guy,” revealed Dykhuis. “He always knew when guys were feeling a bit too tense and he’d crack a joke or pull a stunt like that and it always loosened everyone right up.”