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Watch What You Eat
MONTREAL | March 31st, 2014
Watch What You Eat
Everyone knows that eating too much candy can make you sick. If you ever need proof, just ask former Montreal Canadiens public relations director, Camil DesRoches. All it took was a single piece of candy to land him in the emergency room for an entire day.

One afternoon in 1968, DesRoches was tagging along with the Habs as they rode their team bus back to the Forum after a press conference at the Molson brewery. This was the moment Montreal defenseman Jacques Laperrière chose to offer DesRoches a seemingly innocent gift that was ultimately destined to give him the fright of his life.

“I used to have these special candies that would turn the mouth of whoever ate them completely blue,” recalled Laperrière. “I gave him one during the ride, expecting him to eat it right on the spot.”

But that’s not what happened. Instead, DesRoches put the sweet in his pocket for later and Laperrière soon forgot about his little prank entirely. That is, until he received a phone call about a month later that served as a very loud reminder of the incident. As Laperrière put the receiver to his ear, he was greeted by DesRoches. “’I’m calling the cops on you, you @#$%&*!’ he screamed at me,” recounted Laperrière.

After a few minutes of verbal abuse, DesRoches finally calmed down enough to explain what had gotten him so enraged in the first place.

“He was out shopping with his wife when he finally ate the candy. A few minutes later, he noticed his wife staring at him with an absolutely terrified expression on her face,” explained Laperrière.

Convinced that he was on the brink of death, she herded him into a taxi and off they rushed to the hospital. The ER doctors, much like DesRoches’ wife, were of the opinion that having one’s mouth suddenly turn completely blue for no apparent reason wasn’t the best indicator of good health, and had him begin a battery of tests to determine the gravity of his condition.

“They made poor DesRoches get an electrocardiogram and a whole slew of other painful tests,” admitted the guilty party.

Finally, the test results came back. All of DesRoches’ vital signs were perfect, and the only part of him to end up getting damaged from the ordeal was his ego when he realized that it was Laperrière and his infamous candy were the culprits responsible.

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