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Where are they now? Bobby Rousseau


MONTREAL | July 31st, 2009
Where are they now? Bobby Rousseau
The Canadiens didn’t pile up 100 years of history without the blood, sweat and tears of the over 750 players to have ever worn the uniform. From the likes of Donald Audette to Zarley Zalapski, there are former Habs scattered all over the world. Although many hardcore Canadiens fans can rattle off the career accomplishments of hundreds of their old heroes, the question remains: what are these guys up to today? On the hot seat today: Bobby Rousseau.

Where do you live now?
I’ve been living in Louiseville since 1986.

What are you up to these days?
I’m the owner and golf pro at a golf course in Louiseville and another in Grand-Mere.  Since I retired from hockey, I’ve really switched to my other passion: golf. I love playing – I’ll usually shoot somewhere between 75 and 82. 

How often do you lace up the skates per year?
Once a year with my family on New Years Day.  We head over to the frozen lake and play a game of shinny.  It’s nothing competitive, though; more like our annual family reunion.

Are you still in touch with your former teammates?
Absolutely. Whether it’s at the Canadiens Alumni golf tournament or one of the few times a year I make it out to the Bell Centre during the season, I’m always running into my old teammates.  I still haven’t had the chance to give any of them golf lessons yet, though!

How many Canadiens games do you watch each season?
I’d say I come to Montreal for about a half-dozen games every year, depending on the season. 

What’s your most valued souvenir or piece of memorabilia that you’ve held on to since your playing days?
My sisters love scrapbooking so I have about seven or eight of them from my playing days.  I also have a ton of photos, plus the replica trophies they give out when you win; I have the Calder Trophy I won 1968, my little Stanley Cups, hockey sticks, jerseys. The best thing in the whole collection has to be my Stanley Cup ring, though.

Where do you keep your Stanley Cup ring?
Well, even though I won four Cups in my career, I just have one ring that commemorates each of them.  I keep it at home, safe and sound.

You’re currently out on your golf course in Grand-Mere as we speak; what’s your dream course to play on?
There are a couple, but the most prestigious is the one where they host the Masters, Augusta National in Georgia.  I’ve played a lot of pro courses, like St. Andrews, but I’ve never had the chance to play Augusta.

Who would you hit the links of Augusta with: other golfers, celebrities or hockey players?
I’d definitely stick with golfers at Augusta! I’ll say Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. With me in there, that’s a pretty great foursome!

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