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Where are they now? Petr Svoboda
MONTREAL | September 27th, 2012
Where are they now? Petr Svoboda
The Canadiens didn’t pile up 100 years of history without the blood, sweat and tears of the over 750 players to have ever worn the uniform. From the likes of Donald Audette to Zarley Zalapski, there are former Habs scattered all over the world. Although many hardcore Canadiens fans can rattle off the career accomplishments of hundreds of their old heroes, the question remains: what are these guys up to today? On the hot seat today: Petr Svoboda.

Where are you currently living?
For the past couple years, I’ve been splitting my time between Montreal and Prague. I always loved Montreal. First and foremost, it feels very much like Europe and I’ve always loved the city ever since I came here when I was 18-years-old.

What are you up to these days?
I’ve been a sports agent for hockey players since 2002. It’s something that I never really thought I would be doing today. When I retired as a player in 2001, a couple of guys asked me if I could help them do their contracts. I accepted and I started liking it right away.

How many times per year do you still lace up the skates?
You know, I haven’t been skating in a little while. I think the last time I skated was when I played a game with a few of my clients. I’ll definitely try to do it more often this year.

Do you still stay in touch with any of your former teammates?
I see Chris Chelios sometimes and I run into some of my former teammates occasionally since I work in the hockey world. We always try to keep it casual and disconnect from the business side of things.

Do you still follow the Canadiens?
I’ve seen a lot of Habs games over the last couple of years since some of my clients played for Montreal. One of them was Roman Hamrlik who played there for five years.

When was the last time you made it out to the Bell Centre for a game?
I went to the Bell Centre a couple times last season.

What’s your favorite piece of Canadiens memorabilia that you currently own?
I’m not a big memorabilia guy but I kept some stuff throughout the years. My Stanley Cup ring from 1986 and my gold medal from the 1998 Olympics are two things that I cherish a lot.

Where do you keep your Stanley Cup ring?
I still have it, but like many of my former teammates, I don’t wear it often. I’m not a big jewelry guy.

Is there a particular game from your career with the Canadiens that stands out the most?
I played here for a long time so there are quite a few. Obviously I’ll always remember my first NHL game when I was 18-years-old. It was in Buffalo and I got two assists. I wasn’t nervous but more extremely excited. Serge Savard helped me out a lot. Before the season started, he really helped me getting accustomed to the city, the NHL, and because of him, I learned the ropes pretty fast.