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Where's the Cup?


MONTREAL | December 7th, 2008
Where's the Cup?
After eliminating the Ottawa Senators and the Vancouver Millionaires at the end of March 1924, the Canadiens prepared themselves for a matchup with the powerhouse that was the Western Hockey League’s Calgary Tigers.

The Habs claimed Game 1 with ease, notching a 6-1 victory at Mount Royal Arena, despite less than stellar ice conditions.  The series shifted to the Ottawa Auditorium and its artificial ice surface for the next tilt.

Different rink, same result.  The Canadiens picked up a 3-0 win to capture their second Stanley Cup.

Following the usual ceremonies and Cup presentation by League Commissioner Frank Calder, Leo Dandurand’s squad waste little time in leaving the nation’s capital for Montreal to celebrate with family and friends.

One of the craziest moments ever in the history of sports’ oldest trophy would follow.

A team car that had the Cup in tow got a flat tire along the way.  On the side of the road, a few players worked to replace the busted wheel.  In order to do so, they decided relieve the car of some weight by taking the Cup out of the trunk.

With the tire replaced, the players hit the road again.  Only once they arrived in Montreal did they realize they had inadvertently left the Stanley Cup sitting on the side of the road.

Thankfully, the players found what they had left behind in the snow, somewhere between Montreal and Ottawa.