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1909 -
Date of birth July 27th, 1879
Place of birth 1960-01-10, ON, CAN
Deceased on January 10th, 1960
Seasons - MTL 1
GP Games played - Number of games the team has played
W Wins - Games the team has won, either in regulation or in overtime
L Losses - Games the team has lost in regulation
T Ties - Games that have ended in a tie
OTL Overtime losses - Games lost in overtime
PTS Points - Team points, calculated from W, L, T, OTL and SOL; used to determine standings
TOTALS 12 2 10 0 0 4
1909-1910 12 2 10 0 0 4

Jean-Baptiste “Jack” Laviolette was one of the original founding members of the Montreal Canadiens.

Laviolette first discovered his passion for hockey at age 12, when his family moved to the Valleyfield region and he made friends with a future Canadiens standout, Didier Pitre.

Later, in 1909, at the request of John Ambrose O’Brien, Laviolette founded a hockey team made up entirely of francophone players.

At the time of the team’s founding, Laviolette held an executive level position with the National Hockey Association (NHA), in addition to his roles as co-general manager, captain, coach and defenseman with the Canadiens.

To this day, he remains the only person in franchise history to simultaneously serve in each of those capacities.