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It has been worn over the years by over 800 players and still remains one of the most prestigious uniforms in all of professional sports. Throughout its history, the Canadiens jersey has undergone many transformations. This section explores the great tradition and metamorphosis behind the bleu-blanc-rouge.

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The tiny stripes on the shoulders disappear in 1938-39. Until 1940-41, the white version of the Montreal jersey won't bear any other decorations, with the exception of those on the cuffs and at the bottom of the jersey, and the logo, of course.

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A large red stripe adorns the shoulders and the collar can now be laced-up. This version, the closest to today's white jersey, will remain on their backs until 1945.

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In February 1945, the wide strip is moved from the shoulders to the chest area, and changes from red to blue. This change will last until November 1946. On most nights, the Canadiens wore the red model for their home games, but this special white jersey was worn nonetheless for some games at the Forum.

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The Canadiens decide to wear the white jersey for the majority of their home games, from November 1946 until 1951-52. The lace at the collar made its return, as well as the red stripe on the white jersey's shoulders. From 1952-53 until December 1955, the white jersey is used for every home game. The Canadiens brought back the white home jersey in 1970-71.

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The laces disappear for good and the jerseys are wider to better hide the bigger protective gear. The players' names are added in 1977-78. In 2003-04, the Canadiens innovate with a modernized version of the 1945 and 1946 white and red jerseys, for some games, as an ode to the heroes of years gone by.

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For the 2007-08 season all NHL teams will wear the Rbk EDGE Uniform System technology featuring innovative materials designed to provide comfort and help enhance player performance. The Canadiens jersey retains its traditional identity. The color scheme and overall appearance remain unchanged except for a slight color variation located in the collar area.