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GP Games played - Number of games the team has played
W Wins - Games the team has won, either in regulation or in overtime
L Losses - Games the team has lost in regulation
PTS Points - Team points, calculated from W, L, T, OTL and SOL; used to determine standings
GF Goals for - Number of goals the team has scored
GA Goals against - Number of goals scored against the team
HOME 0 0 0 0 0 0
AWAY 4 1 3 2 8 16
TOTALS 4 1 3 2 8 16
The Victoria Senators, an original Pacific Coast Hockey Association franchise in 1911, became the Aristocrats in 1913. Relocating after losing their arena to the Canadian military in 1916, briefly becoming the Spokane Canaries, they returned to their former name and city after World War I ended.

In 1922-23 they became the Victoria Cougars and, coached by Lester Patrick, twice made it to the Stanley Cup finals, becoming the last non-NHL team to win it all in 1925 and the last outside club to compete for it the following year.

After the dissolution of the Western Hockey League following the 1925-26 season, most of Vancouver’s players found themselves with the NHL’s new Detroit franchise, one that kept the Cougars name.

The Canadiens and Cougars met for the first time in the opening game of the 1925 Stanley Cup finals at Victoria’s Patrick Arena with the home team taking the game 5-2.

The teams did not meet other than in the 1925 finals, one that ended with the Cougars capturing the Stanley Cup.

VS Victoria Cougars

All-time record – 1-3-0

Longest winning streak – n/a

Most goals in a game – 4 (27/03/25)

Shutouts - 0