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season card
GP Games played - Number of games the team has played
W Wins - Games the team has won, either in regulation or in overtime
L Losses - Games the team has lost in regulation
GF Goals for - Number of goals the team has scored
GA Goals against - Number of goals scored against the team
Ottawa Senators 16 13 3 122 69
Montreal Canadiens 16 8 8 66 62
Renfrew Creamery Kings 16 8 8 91 101
Montreal Wanderers 16 7 9 73 88
Quebec Bulldogs 16 4 12 65 97
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GP Games played - Number of games the player has set foot on the ice
G Goals - Number of goals the player has scored
A Assists - Number of goals the player has assisted in
PTS Points - Scoring points, calculated as the sum of G and A
4 Newsy Lalonde 16 19 0 19
5 Didier Pitre 16 19 0 19
7 Eugène Payan 16 12 0 12
8 Hector Dallaire 13 11 0 11
6 Georges Poulin 14 3 0 3
GP Games played - Number of games the player has set foot on the ice
RECORD Record - Goalie record (W-L-T)
SO Shutouts - Number of games where the goaltender has not allowed a goal
GAA Goals against average - Mean goals-per-game scored on the goaltender
1 Georges Vézina 16 8-8-0 0 3.80
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Prior to the start of the season, the Club Athletique Canadien, a Montreal sporting organization that the Canadiens borrowed their name from in 1909, is awarded a National Hockey Association franchise.

As a result, the Canadiens, owned by John Ambrose O’Brien are forced to cease operations and are paid $7,500 as compensation.

Just the same, the Club Athletique Canadiens’ owners, including Montreal mayor James John Edmund Guerin, sign contracts with several of the Canadiens’ former players. Among them are Jack Laviolette, Didier Pitre, Newsy Lalonde, Georges Poulin and Edgar Leduc.

The Club Athletique Canadien, which retains the “Montreal Canadiens” name, adopts red as the team’s jersey color in place of blue.

Before the schedule gets underway, the team welcomes goalie Georges Vezina to the fray.

Vezina’s performances, along with the brilliance of Lalonde and Pitre, who has been converted into a forward, allow the Canadiens to compete as equals against the league’s other teams.

A native of Chicoutimi, young Vezina enjoys an outstanding rookie season and immediately establishes himself as one of the top players at his position.

The Canadiens and new coach Adolphe Lecours improve their record of the previous season by winning eight of their 16 games. They finish second overall in the league.

The team’s financial situation is also much improved. Attendance is up and the franchise manages to turn a profit of $4,000. On the other hand, the establishment of a salary cap at the beginning of the season angers a considerable number of players and that brings about the birth of the first players’ association.

At the end of the season, Canadiens fans, who are looking forward to a bright future for the team, are dealt a crushing blow when they learn that Lalonde may have played his final game in Montreal.