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season card
GP Games played - Number of games the team has played
W Wins - Games the team has won, either in regulation or in overtime
L Losses - Games the team has lost in regulation
T Ties - Games that have ended in a tie
GF Goals for - Number of goals the team has scored
GA Goals against - Number of goals scored against the team
Ottawa Senators 20 14 6 28 74 65
Montreal Wanderers 20 14 6 28 127 82
Quebec Bulldogs 20 11 9 22 85 85
Toronto Blueshirts 20 8 12 16 66 84
Toronto St.Patricks 20 7 13 14 76 96
Montreal Canadiens 20 6 14 12 65 81
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GP Games played - Number of games the player has set foot on the ice
G Goals - Number of goals the player has scored
A Assists - Number of goals the player has assisted in
PTS Points - Scoring points, calculated as the sum of G and A
5 Didier Pitre 20 30 4 34
14 Harry Scott 16 9 0 9
2 Ernest Dubeau 19 6 3 9
6 Jack Laviolette 18 6 3 9
4 Newsy Lalonde 6 4 3 7
GP Games played - Number of games the player has set foot on the ice
RECORD Record - Goalie record (W-L-T)
SO Shutouts - Number of games where the goaltender has not allowed a goal
GAA Goals against average - Mean goals-per-game scored on the goaltender
1 Georges Vézina 20 6-14-0 0 3.88
Season results


The Newsy Lalonde soap opera continues. The star forward, whose rights now belong to the Vancouver Millionaires, refuses to go west. Didier Pitre, who went to Vancouver to play the 1913-14 season in the Lalonde’s absence, is back in Montreal.

General manager George Kennedy has no other choice than to send financial compensation to the Millionaires. To top it all off, Lalonde turns down the Canadiens’ offer and is immediately suspended by Kennedy.

In a surprising move, Kennedy yields Donald Smith’s rights to the Wanderers. The Canadiens begin the regular season without their two top scorers from the previous season.

The off-ice hassles have an impact on the team, which loses its first eight games. The Canadiens finally manage a win on January 23, against the Wanderers.

Kennedy goes back on his decision and gives in to Lalonde’s salary demands. His return, though, doesn’t bring about the desired results and Kennedy soon suspends him for erratic play.

Despite a more encouraging February, it proves to be too little, too late for the Habs. After having finished first in 1913-14, the Canadiens slide to last place in the league with a 6-14 record.

Georges Vezina posts another strong season and Pitre finishes second in the league with 30 goals.