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Where are they now? Brian Savage
MONTREAL | September 9th, 2014
Where are they now? Brian Savage
The Canadiens didn’t pile up 100 years of history without the blood, sweat and tears of the over 750 players to have ever worn the uniform. From the likes of Donald Audette to Zarley Zalapski, there are former Habs scattered all over the world. Although many hardcore Canadiens fans can rattle off the career accomplishments of hundreds of their old heroes, the question remains: what are these guys up to today? On the hot seat today: Brian Savage.

Where do you live now?
I’ve been living in Scottsdale, AZ, for a couple of years now. My wife and I bought a house over there in the summer of 2002, a couple months after I got traded to the Phoenix Coyotes. In the summertime we bring our three kids to Sudbury, ON. My wife and I are both from there and we usually spend two months back home every summer.

What are you doing now?
I’m a regional director and independent business owner for ACN in Scottsdale. I first got involved with ACN about two and a half years ago. Jeremy Roenick introduced me to it. It’s a great business and it’s going really well for us. I never thought about doing this while I was in the NHL. This opportunity just sort of came out from nowhere. I’ve also been coaching minor hockey since I retired. I’ll be coaching two of my sons’ hockey teams this year.

How many times per year do you lace up the skates?
Between both kids, I’m on the ice usually four or five times a week. I enjoy watching them develop into good hockey players.

Are you still in touch with any former teammates?
I talk to Vincent Damphousse often. We golf together from time to time. I also talk to Saku Koivu and Craig Rivet a lot. I’ve also spoken quite often to Turner Stevenson the last little while.

Do you still follow the Canadiens?
Oh yeah, I follow them all the time even though I’m in Arizona. They got a good nucleus there and they should be good for years to come.

When was the last time you were in Montreal to watch a game?
I went back four of five times this year. I went to Quebec City with my team for the International Pee-Wee tournament last February and I brought a bunch of kids and their parents to the Bell Centre to catch a Montreal-Boston game and a Montreal-New Jersey game couple days after. We got to do a tour of the dressing room and the kids got to meet Larry Robinson who was an assistant coach for the Devils at the time.

Who is your favorite player on the current roster?
I like Carey Price. I like his demeanor on the ice. He’s very calm and he really matured over the last few years. It’s a tough position for a goalie to come in and be a starter in Montreal.

Is there a game in particular from your career with the Canadiens that stands out the most?
I would say the game where I got six points against the Islanders in 1998. We weren’t even supposed to play that game because of the big ice storm that winter. We actually flew out the day of the game, which is very rare. We got to Uniondale late, everybody was scrambling. We finally got to the rink and it was just one of those nights where everything clicked. If I’m not mistaken, it’s still a team record for a road game. Scoring the first ever hat trick at the Bell Centre was also pretty neat.

What is your favorite piece of Canadiens memorabilia that you own?
I kept everything. Obviously the plaque with the puck of one of the four goals I scored during that six point night. I’ve also got tons of sticks; I used to collect sticks from players I played against back in the days. I got about 250 of them at my place in Scottsdale.